Dr. Sanjay Jindal
Dr. Sanjay Jindal

Welcome to Pratibha Institute of Nursing. We hope you find the brochure a helpful introduction to the institute, Its vision and mission is physical and manpower infrastructure, its teaching expertise and its future plans.

We think differently around here. And just as importantly, we act differently, too. It's in our DNA to reach little higher. Dig deeper. To keep searching for better ways to learn, live and work. And for better answers to the worlds most pressing challenges.

The spirit af discovery that embraces us from every mountaintop, treetop and desktop inspires us to achieve great things.

The place we call home inspires us to discover what's next.

Founded in 2008 Pratibha Institute of nursing plans to be one of the best nursing institutes in the state. We re deeply committed to upholding the responsibility that comes with that legacy.

In line with its growth strategy Pratibha Institute Shall be setting new benchmarks in the way healthcare is delivered in our state and country. Serving this noble cause Pratibha institute is striving hard to prepare the nursing students under the guidance of capable and genius faculty members of the college for the growing needs of society. Highly qualified academicians experience hand teachers leave no stone unturned to give them proper and positive training to romp them into industrious nursing personnel in their lives. The college lays more stress to infuse the moral values and truthful living their trainings s that they can further infuse the some among their successors. By doing this we try to create a healthier and perfect society which is there need in the present turbulent time scenario.

Anyone can enjoy and be enriched by all the Pranitha Institutes has to offer, including libraries, practical laboratories, Dummies and the highest quality teaching faculties and facilities.

With the additional facility of having own parent hospital with a sizable presence in clinical areas including Medical & Surgical care, orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology and ultra modern operation theatres for clinical experience, I am sure the student of institute shall get the utmost exposure and hands on practical training. They shall be able to take independent decisions while rendering nursing services after completing the course.

The competencies of the two systems "Teaching Institute for nursing and parent hospital" jointly will help in enhancing service delivery capability and set benchmarks for the way healthcare is delivered in India.

I encourage you to browse our web site www.pratibhanursing.com and explore the topics listed. Where your curiosity deepens, feel free to directly contact us for more information or to share your views.

Finally, being at Pratibha institute is not just about learning, it is about growth and development in all areas of personal and professional life. Therefore, no matter which course a person chooses to pursue I assure you of a great learning experience and our continued support thereafter.

I can proudly say that the institute doesn't just produce graduates but our students graduate with knowledge and values. l extend my best wishes to all those seeking admission to this college and assure all of them that their stay in the college will be highly rewarding, both academically and spiritually.

Dr. Sanjay Jindal